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North Somerset Bird Of Prey Centre

North Somerset Bird of Prey Centre

Smallway Leisure Park



BS49 5AA


License no: 80551

Breeding License: 35243

For alll bookings, enquires and injured wildlife please email

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Support our work
10.00 GBP

I would like to make a £10 donation to the North Somerset Bird of Prey Centre to support their work


Found a injured wild bird of prey?


- Gently place a blanket over the injured bird and pick it up


- Place the Bird in a well ventilated darkened cardboard box. Line with a towel or newspaper.


- Do not attempt to feed or offer water as this can be detrimental and may delay any treatment we can provide.


Email with the following details and we will arrange a time for you to drop off the bird or if possible we will collect.


- Your contact details including name, address and telephone number.


- Birds details including where it was found, any obvious injuries and if possible a photograph to ID.


All rescue and rehabilitation work is self funded by NSBOPC, we receive no government grants or funding. If you would like to support our work please consider sending a donation or purchasing an Experience Day




On purchasing an Experience Day through our website, a gift voucher will be emailed to you within 5 working days. We recommend checking your junk/spam folders if you haven't received your voucher.


Gift vouchers and Experiences are non refundable. Please see our 'Visitors Information & Terms & Conditions' section for more details.


All experiences are held in small groups. 


A strict 7 day cancellation and rescheduling policy applies.


To pay by BACS tranfer or cheque please email for the details.


All bookings for Experience Days must be made by emailing


Duration: 2 hours   Price: £49.00 pp

Gift Vouchers available


The ultimate experience for Owl lovers! Join us to handle, fly and learn all about different species of owls and their amazing abilities. You will meet many species of owls from our tiny Indian Scops owl, to our huge Eurasian Eagle owl and of course there are the British Barn owls and Tawny owls too. Throughout the experience you will have the unforgettable chance to meet and handle the owls, ask questions and take photographs to capture all those special moments. You will even have the chance to fly one of these beautiful creatures yourself!


Additional info:

Minimum age for participants is 8 years old. Spectators are welcome for an additional £10pp payable on the day. Comfortable outdoor clothing and sensible footwear is recommended. This experience is ran on Fridays and Sundays at 9.30am, 12pm and 2.30pm. Pre booking is essential.

Owl Experience
49.00 GBP




Duration: 4 hours       

Price: £79.00 pp 

Gift Vouchers available


Ever wanted to become a falconer for the day? Well now you can! Learn how we care for the birds and just what's involved in training them. You will meet and handle a range of birds like our stunning Goshawk, our adorable Owls, our super smart Hawks and the incredible size and power of our Eagle owls. As well as handling many species of owls, hawks and falcons, you will also be flying them! There will also be plenty of photo opportunities to capture those special moment. You will be sure to leave with some interesting facts and a favourite of course!  Includes refreshments.


Additional info:

Minimum age for participant is 10 years old.  Spectators are welcome for an additional £20pp payable on the day. Comfortable outdoor clothing and footwear is recommended. This experience is ran Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 10am. Pre booking is essential.

Falconry Day
79.00 GBP




Duration: 90 minutes  

Price: £49.00 per person  

Gift vouchers available


Our Bird of Prey Experiences offer you the chance to come face to face with some of natures most impressive creations. You will meet several species of owls, as well as a hawk and a falcon. As well as having the chance to handle the different birds and photograph them, you will also have the opportunity to fly one!


Additional info:

Minimum age for participant is 10 years old. Spectators are welcome for an additional £10pp payable on the day.  Comfortable outdoor clothing and sensible footwear recommended. This experience is held on Thursdays and Saturdays at 10am, 12pm and 2pm. Pre booking is essential.

Bird of Prey Experience
49.00 GBP




Duration: 1 hour   

Price: £125 for two people

Gift vouchers available


This unique experience will allow you to meet and interact with some of our amazing animals. Each animal that calls the centre home has its own story which we would be delighted to share with you. During the experience you may find out about the quirky personality of Alejandro our Hairy Armadillo and his incredible adaptations. You may also get to say hello to some of the rarer animals like Kylo Ren the Silver Fox or Twinkle the Tenrec. As well as meeting our amazing animals, you'll get an insight into the conservation and rescue work that our talented team of keepers undertake. From snakes to skunks and owls to foxes, you'll meet a fantastic selection of animals that are guaranteed to steal your hearts. 


Additional info:

Minimum age 10 years old. Maximum group size 4 people. We are not able to accommodate spectators on this private session. Animals are selected on the day, unfortunately we cannot guarantee requests of specific animals or species.  Long sleeves & trousers and sensible footwear recommended. Please do not wear strong scents or perfumes/aftershaves. Visitors must be able bodied as enclosures are not wheelchair accessible. This experience is held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Pre booking is essential.

Meet the Animals
125.00 GBP




Duration: 90 min   Price: £49.00 pp  

Gift Vouchers available 


Our Hawk Walk gives you the chance to see our magnifcent birds of prey fly in their natural environment.  During this experience you will be treated to a flying display from one of our stunning falcons or team of owls. You will then get the chance to fly our incredible Harris Hawk through the woods, perfectly showcasing his skills. Watch him manoeuvre in and out of the trees as he flys stright to your glove!  See how agile he is as he plucks a piece of food stright out of the sky! If you are fascinated by hawks and want to see just what they are capable of then this experience is for you.


Additional info:

Minimum age for participant is 10 years old. Spectators are welcome for an additional £10pp payable on the day. Visitors must be able bodied as the wood is not wheelchair accessible. Long trousers and sensible footwear recommended. Hawk Walks take place on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 10am and 12noon. Pre booking is essential.

Hawk Walk
49.00 GBP


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