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10.00 GBP

I would like to make a £10 donation to the North Somerset Bird of Prey Centre to support their work



Help us raise money for our Nest Box Cameras Campaign.


At the North Somerset bird of prey centre, we receive no government funding or hand outs and we are not a registered charity. However, we are a non profit making organisation which means every penny that is donated and brought in gets reinvested back into the centre and helps care for all the birds and animals we have here.

We are fundraising in order to install cameras in all of our breeding pens and nest boxes so that we can keep an extra close eye on all of our pairs of birds over the breeding season.
Once installed we will be able to monitor everything from the eggs being laid, to them hatching and the chicks being born. As well as being able to publish the feeds on our Facebook page and website for you all to see, it will also act as an early warning system which will allow us to intervene if we really have to and possibly even save lives of the baby birds. Without our intervention two years ago, our red tail buzzard, Loki, would not be with us today.


Just some of the pairs we have here include snowy owls, barn owls, tawny owls, eagle owls, long eared owls, hawks, buzzards, kestrels, falcons and eagles. Imagine watching footage from all of these different species and knowing you helped with that campaign!
We do not normally ask for donations as that is not what we are about but on this occasion we feel this is something all our followers and visitors can get behind. It is hopefully something everyone can benefit from, be proud of and be a part of.


This target will allow us to purchase the specialist cameras we require, along with all the monitoring and recording equipment.


We know sparing any cash can be difficult but it would be amazing if everyone could just donate a pound or two or whatever you can to help us reach our total.


Thank you

Fundraising Updates



December 2016 - We have had an incredible donation of over £800 to see us over the finish line and reach our total.  We are now able to start work on our Nest Box Camera system with work planned for early January 2017.  We would like to thank you all so much for your kind donations and support.

Merry Christmas!

November 2016 - With the breeding season just around the corner for some of our pairs of birds, we are really against the clock to reach our target and install the cameras. We can't disturb them once they have begun nesting and we would hate to have to wait until the end of next year to begin the install.  We have received some really generous donations this month which are all adding up towards our target.  Thank you.



October 2016 - Our Halloween Owl event raised a fantastic £300 towards our cameras. Everyone had a great time meeting the owls and finding out about all their spooky goings on!


September 2016 - Our Asian Palm Civets have arrived! They are a potential breeding pair but need close monitoring over the breeding period with the male needing to be removed before the female goes into labor.  CCTV in this pairs nest box will be vital if we stand a chance of breeding these secretive animals.



August 2016 - Our amazing staff raised almost £1,000 towards our nest box camera campaign. We are up to half way towards our total!

July 2016 - We are holding a charity abseil to raise fund for our nest box cameras.  This will take place on Thursday 14th July at 6pm at Uphill Quarry in Weston-Super-Mare.  If you would like to take part in the abseil or would like to sponsor some of our staff, please contact us at  All proceeds will be going straight to the camera campaign.




June 2016 - We are delighted to announce the Raptors & Reptiles Event was a huge sucess with a great time had by all. We also managed to rasie a fantastic £320 towards our nest box cameras. We are hoping to run another event over the summer holidays





June 2016 - We will be holding a special Raptors & Reptiles Event on Thursday 2nd June, to help raise funds for our nest box cameras campaign.  You will be treated to a large flying display with over 8 different species of birds of prey!  You will then be able to meet and handle a range of different reptiles including Slick our 7 foot Burmese Python, as well as Bearded Dragons, Crocodile Skinks, Royal Pythons, Boa Constrictors, Chameleons and even a Scorpion! Don't forget to have your photograph taken with your favourite bird before you leave!  Tickets are just £10 per person and must be pre-booked. Why not join us this half term and help support a great cause!




May 2016 - Our corporate sponsors, Emerson's Green Veterinary Practice, have sponsored our Little Owl aviary and we are pleased to annouce we have four healthy babies born at the centre this month.  Once the camera system is installed we will be able to show you live footage of the eggs being laid, the chicks hatching and the parents feeding them there first meals.



April 2016 - We have our first corporate sponsorship!  A huge thank you to Emerson's Green Veterinary Surgery for sponsoring our Little Owls nest box for a whole year. As well as receiving advertising on our Facebook page and website each time we use footage from their camera, they also have a plaque fitted to the owls aviary and they receive a private falconry session for up to 10 staff, family or friends.  All for just £200 a year!  If you would like more information or to take out a corporate sponsorship please get in touch.






March 2016 - Our fundraising efforts are well underway.  So far we have raised over £300 through Go Fund Me for our camera system.  Thank you everybody who has donated so far!

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