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North Somerset Bird Of Prey Centre

North Somerset Bird of Prey Centre

Smallway Leisure Park



BS49 5AA


Zoo License: 2021/38241

For alll bookings, enquires and injured wildlife please email

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Found a injured wild bird of prey?


- Gently place a blanket over the injured bird and pick it up


- Place the Bird in a well ventilated darkened cardboard box. Line with a towel or newspaper.


- Do not attempt to feed or offer water as this can be detrimental and may delay any treatment we can provide.


Email with the following details and we will arrange a time for you to drop off the bird or if possible we will collect.


- Your contact details including name, address and telephone number.


- Birds details including where it was found, any obvious injuries and if possible a photograph to ID.


All rescue and rehabilitation work is self funded by NSBOPC, we receive no government grants or funding. If you would like to support our work please consider sending a donation or purchasing an Experience Day


   North Somerset Bird Of Prey Centre



Our Aims and Objectives;


Conservation of Birds of Prey through public education, captive breeding,

treatment and rehabilitation of wild injured birds of prey.



We are a small zoo with a big heart, offering unforgettable up close encounters and spectacular shows.


Visiting NSBOPC

We are not open for general admissions on a daily basis, this is because we undertake a lot of educational work off site at various schools, universities and organised groups. We also have an extensive breeding program and take in a lot of rescues -both require quiet surroundings for positive results.

So how do I visit?

You can visit us on one of our centre's Open Days. These days do not need to be pre booked and the list of dates, along with timings and prices, can be found by clicking the 'Open Days' tab at the top of this page. Each Open Days timings and events will be published on our Facebook page and Instagram in the lead up to each day too. With over 70 resident birds of prey including eagles, owls, kites, vultures, hawks and falcons to enjoy, as well as ourexotic mammals inlcuding foxes, meerkats, ferrets, marmosets, skunks and armadillo - we have something for everyone to enjoy at our Open Days!

You can also book one of our popular Experience Days. These run all year round and must be pre booked by email. Our Experience days are a wonderful way to get up close and personal with our birds of prey and other animals. Hands on, fun and educational, starting from just £39pp and gift vouchers are available! Please click on the 'Experiences & Gift Vouchers' tab at the top of this page to see all of the experiences that we offer along with what's involved, price and duration. If you would like any more information on our Experience Days, would like to enquire about an Educational Visit, Animal Workshop, Private Experience Day or Animal Therapry Session please send us an email and the team will get back to you as soon as possible -




Education is on going to all visitors.  The Centre undertakes more in depth education to specific groups and parties, from schools to universities and offers off-site lectures and teaching. 


The Centre continues its captive breeding aims; to research species; breed from species not previously understood; maintain the collection and provide birds for demonstrations, both in the U.K and further afield.


We are a licensed zoo and we are fully insured.  We are passionate about educating people about birds of prey and the challenges they face in the wild.  We strongly believe children are the future, and a child who grows up loving nature and wanting to save it, will be an adult that takes action.



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Licensing Update:


As of 1st Arpil 2019, all Animal Activities must be licensed which includes animal encounters, village fetes and fairs, bird of prey displays, educational talks for schools and childrens groups, animal therapy visits to hospitals and care homes, childrens parties, etc. 

If there is an animal involved in anyway, then the company requires this license.  This is to ensure higher welfare standards for the animals being used and greater public safety. 


We are a fully licensed zoo; 2021/38241

We are also fully insured.


If booking a company that has animals, please ensure they are licensed as it is now a legal requirement.  Anyone operating without this license will be doing so illegally and their Public Libility Insurance will aslo be void.




'In the end we will only conserve what we love.

We only love what we understand.

We will understand only what we are taught.'  Baba Dioum



For enquiries, bookings and availability please contact us at


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