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Ok, so you've met our birds and fell in love with one of our family. That's ok, it happens!


Caring for a bird of prey whether it's a 5oz Kestrel or a 7lb Golden Eagle, takes a lot of time, effort and of course money.  Each has a specific and expensive diet. This will consist of day old chick, rat, mouse and quail. Obviously we can't pop down to the local pet shop or supermarket for this food, so have to source it from specialist breeders. Add this to the time needed to train, fly and maintain their enclosures- and you can see why we appreciate your help!


You can now adopt any of our birds for an annual fee of just £35.00. Perfect as a gift for someone or as a treat for yourself!


In return, you will receive:
 ~ A certificate of Adoption
 ~ A photograph of your adopted bird


 ~ An information sheet on the species
 ~ A keyring of your adopted bird


~ Your name added to our adoption wall


 ~ An invitation to meet and handle your chosen bird at one of our Open Days!


You will also know that your contribution is helping to make a difference to the life of the bird you love... Thank you

Annual Adoption
35.00 GBP

A years adoption of a bird of prey of your choice.

Dont forget to drop us an email with the name of the bird you would like to adopt and the name of the person you would like printed on the certificate!


Some of our birds you can adopt



Hercules - He is a European Eagle Owl who was hatched and hand raised here at the centre.  He is one of our largest display birds and a big favourite during our flying displays.


Cerberus - He is a Tawny Owl and they are famous for there distinctive 'twit twoo' calls.  Cerberus was hatched at the centre and first born to Orion and Cassiopeia. He has already begun staring in our Owl Experiences and other displays. We enjoy having native birds of prey in our teams.

Mowgli -He is an Asian Brown Wood owl who hatched in 2017.  He grew up with tiny our Nandita and they were best friends. However Mowgli is now over 10 times her size! He is a true gentle giant and he was a big favourite on experience days. Mowgli now has a new friend for company, Moana, who is also an Asian Brown Wood owl.  We are hopeful they may breed in the future.


Nandita - She is a tiny Indian Scops owl, weighing in at only 4oz. She is one of the smallest and cutest owls on the team and has the prettiest big brown eyes. She is already a favourite on our Owl Experiences and Bird of Prey Encounters where everyone who meets her falls in love.

Maleficent - She is a hybrid falcon, a cross between a Gyr Falcon and a Saker Falcon.  Maleficent was bred here at the centre in 2017 and is the first chick born to Sabre and Earl.  Sabre was a regular during our flying demonstrations and is dynamite in the air.  Flying in at high speeds makes for a spectacular display, perfectly showcasing her speed and power.  We hope that Maleficent will follow in her footsetps, they are big shoes to fill!



Cherish - She is a cross between an American Barn owl and a European Barn owl.  Cherish can do almost anything, from static and flying displays, to wedding ring deliveries and television work.  She is always on form and enjoys plenty of attention. Some may say she's even a bit of a diva!



Luna - Little Luna is a White Faced Owl which comes from South Africa.  One of the smallest birds on the team but has one of the biggest personalities, everyone who meets her falls in love! She flys surprisingly fast for such a small owl and is a fantastic addition to our flying team.



Sansa - She is a Northern Hawk owl and she was bred by a friend of the centre in 2016.  She stared in her first public flying display at just 7 weeks old! She is looking like she's going to be an absolute super star and we have high hopes for her.


Dotty - She hatched in 2016 and is the daughter of the super popular, Dillon.  Dot is a Little owl and she is becoming as popular on our displays and experience days as her dad. Weighing in at just 7oz she really is a 'little owl'.  The Little owl is one of the five species of owls living in Britain.


Inca - He was hatched and raised here at the centre back in 2009.  Inca is very light in colour for a Barn owl. almost pure white, and he is silent in flight and when out on displays.  He is especially effective during wedding services where he will fly down the isle with the rings surprising all the guests.


Flash - He is a Harris Hawk and was hatched around 2003.  He is used on displays, experience days, hawk walks and hunting trips.  He has super manners and will fly to anyone who has some food!  He is at his happiest when he is showing off and showcasing his skills.


Cinnamon - She hatched in 2015 and is a dark breasted barn owl.  She is particularly stunning and very laid back.  She has been a great addition to our flying display team and she is a regular on the owl experiences. She looks particularly stunning whilst flying alongside other barn owls, Inca and Cherish, on our Open Days.


Pedro - Is a Mottled Owl and he came to the centre as a rehome back in 2016.  He is stunning in flight and has the most gorgous blue eyelids that he likes to show off by blinking really slowly. A very popular member of the team and always one of the most reliable birds in flying arena, putting in a good display each time.


Rebel - He is a Harris Hawk that hatched in 2014.  He was raised by us along with his sister, Rouge.  He is very gentle and turning into a brilliant display bird, learning from Flash his mentor. Rebel has turned his hand to experience days, open day flying demos, hunting trips and even animal assisted therapy work.


Calypso - Is a Siberian Eagle Owl, one of the largest owl species in the world! She hatched in March 2015 ad is the haeviest bird on our display team.  She is beautifully light in colour and is spectacular in flying displays. You may meet Calypso yourself on our experience days, we hope you are feeling strong!

Thor - Is a Pale Chanting Goshawk and he is new to the team this year. They have incredibly long legs which they use to their advantage when running around the African savannah chasing lizards and snakes. Thor has a lovely personality and is very handsome.  He will grow even more good looking over the next few years as he changes into his bright blue adult plumage and his legs will turn a striking orange colour.




Wolf - He is a Ural owl. and was bred here at the centre in 2018. It is the first time we have sucessfully bred this species and mum and dad (wilbur and Willow) can also be seen at our open days. Wolf is a huge character and a big favourite amongst guests.  Join us for a Falconry day and you may even get the chance to fly Wolf yourself!


Dash - Is one of the most dynamic and exciting birds on our display team.  He is a hybrid Falcon, half Peregrine falcon, half Aplomado falcon, so you can see where he gets his speed and agility! He chases his lure in a game of cat and mouse with our falconers, a game in which he loves and always wins! He also features regularly on our experience days, educating people on the differences between hawks and falcons.

Paris - She is a female European kestrel. She only hatched in 2015 but came along so well in her training that she did some film work for the BBC's The One Show at just 9 weeks old!  She is a beautiful looking girl and flys with such confidence for a young bird.  Paris has recently been paired with a rather handsome male by the name of London who came into the centre as a rehome.



Casper - She is a great grey owl who hatched in 2014.  Very fluffy and very friendly, she loves to chat away to all the staff and is breathtaking in our flying displays. Casper has recently been moved to a large aviary where she has company in the form of her new mate, Reg.  It will be a while before Reg is old enough to breed but we hope to have baby Great Greys in the future.

Barbossa - Barbossa, or Captain Barbossa to give you his full name, is a Red Kite. One of our native species that became nearly extinct in England just over 100 years ago. They have since been rereleased and are currently doing very well.  Barbossa was born this year and has joined our educational team at the centre where he will serve as an ambassador for his species. They are one of the most distinct birds of prey in the UK with their beautiful red forked tail and stunning blue head feathers.  Barbossa has been fortunate enough to find a mate in our new young Red Kite, Sundara.




The birds above are the most popular and most of them are availabe to be handled.  However, you are also welcome to visit our Facebook page to see more of the birds you can choose to adopt. 


Please note if you do choose one of our breeding birds to adopt, you will be offered an alternative bird for you hold so not to disturb them.  We also have to occasionally rest or moult birds throughout different times of the year so may have to offer you an alternative bird for your meet and greet.


The invitation to meet your chosen bird will give you one free admittance on your choice of one of our six open days and the chance to meet and hold your adopted bird on the day.  If your bird is part of our flying display, you may even be asked to help with out with the flying!


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