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North Somerset Bird of Prey Centre

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Zoo License: 2021/38241

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At the North Somerset Bird of Prey Centre we are passionate about our natural world and the animals that call it home. We work together with organisations all around the world helping to protect and save many of the most endangered species of birds of prey. Currently, we are working with VulPro who are working hard to save Africa's Vultures from disappearing. We also have a detailed captive breeding program for many species of birds of prey, some of which are threatened with extinction in the wild.


We can all do our bit to help the natural world. Whether its fundraising and supporting conservation charities, adding an area to your garden to support and help native wildlife and fauna, to recycling and making a more conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint and waste.


When you visit us at NSBOPC you will see conservation and education is at the forefront of everything we do. You can do your bit too! Check out some of these simple ways in which you can help our natural world.




Insect houses attract a range of minibeasts such as butterflies and moths, spiders, ladybirds, bees, wasps and beetles. All of which are essential pollinators, predators to other pest species like aphids and an import food source for other animals like bats and birds. Insect houses can be made out of recycled materials and items you have laying around the home. They are also great for teaching children about the importance of a balanced ecosystem.


You can encourage wild birds into your garden by providing a shallow bath with fresh water, by placing bird feeders around your garden providing much needed food for them and by providing nest boxes. You can even join in with the BTO Garden Birdwatch


Bumble Bees are important pollinating insects, but they are under threat. You can help them by planting bumble-bee friendly flowers and plants. For more information see;




In the UK we have 3 native species of snakes, the Grass Snake, the Adder and the Smooth Snake (right). All are protected under British law and it is illegal to injure, capture or disturb them. At NSBOPC we have a dedicated conservation area and have provided a snake shelter area to provide protection and shelter to some of our native snakes and reptiles. For more information on what you can do to help them please visit





Simple Bird Feeders to encourage wild birds into your own garden!





The use of poison and pesticides harms so much more then pest species. Please consider other wildlife and do not use poison.


Next time you visit us make sure you visit our Conservation Area in our arena for plenty more ideas on how to help native wildlife near you!

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